Main Components

What is DiagnostiX?

Diagnosis Softwares

By using our propietary database of more than 1 Billion entries, our algorithm will quickly and efficiently diagnose the patient.

Blood Testing Device

Our blood testing device is a state of the art protein analyzer that analyzes micro blood samples in a matter of 20-30 minutes.

Digital Medical Records

DiagnostiX creates a digital medical database that can be accessed from any of our partner hospitals: Creating one unified medical record to be used anywhere.

A.I. Diagnosis

Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence

DiagnostiX uses A.I. and Machine Learning in order to reach the most specific and sensitive diagnosis. We use more than just the standard information a doctor enters when stipulating a diagnosis, as we also consider Demographic, Epidemiological data and statistics of diseases. Thanks to our sophisticated system, we are able to cross reference the patient's diagnostic features (clinical history, symptomatology, physical examination and blood testing) with Epidemiological data, all into our algorithm to determine a specific diagnosis.

  • Blood Testing

    By using specific biomarkers in consideration with our blood testing device, we will be able to rapidly analyze it and give results in 30 minutes.

  • Unified Medical Records

    All hospitals that use our system will have access to our Unified Medical Records. We digitize old records and format them for international use.

A list of our partners

Efficient Diagnosis

Radiology Analysis

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence we have enabled our system to immediately diagnose x-rays. Results are streamed in real time and can be shared between doctors through our innovative portal. Not only does this make consults easier, it streamlines the patient communication line.

  • X-Ray Analysis

    DiagnostiX will automatically detect and diagnose any x-rays that are performed in real time. It comes within an innovative dashboard through which doctors can transfer x-rays to colleagues if they wish.

  • CT Scan Analysis

    Diagnostix will automatically detect and diagnose any chest CT scans. The system looks to identify any abnormalities, locate them and then create a differential diagnosis.


The New Social Passport in a post Covid Era

Travel & Social Gatherings are a major problem for businesses with the current covid climate. COV-iD, does not only provide the ability for users to go out safely, it also provides contact tracer technology for governmental institutions. By using A.I. and Machine Learning, COV-iD is able to create a social medical record for each user. This allows businesses to resume activity and users to travel.

  • Safe Data

    Test results are automatically and anonymously uploaded into our system within 30 minutes of taking a Covid-19 antibody test. The user and doctor will be able to see results and should there be a positive case, they will be notified discretely.

  • Unified Accesibility

    COV-iD can be used for more than just travel, it can be used for Bars, Restaurants & Night Clubs. All data is anonymous and certified by our A.I.